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She experienced publishing in the standard manner when ProStar Publications published No More Mondays and she’s well versed with the new print on demand method, which she used when self-publishing Andrea and Zeke. She will discuss both of those methods, as well as a third method often referred to as vanity presses, which are eager to charge large sums of money to publish books for first-time authors. She will point out the pros and cons of each of the three publishing methods.


LaVonne is willing to take speaking engagements for community groups in the San Diego area. There is no charge for her presentations but she requests the opportunity to promote and sell her books at and immediately following each event.

The focus of her presentation is to share with the audience the differences in publishing today as compared to a few years ago when all publishing was done through standard publishing houses. With the current print on demand capabilities, the publishing business has changed dramatically and it is now easier than ever to see your book in print.